University of Texas at Arlington
Knights of Columbus
Who are the Knights of Columbus at UTA?
Being a Knight means giving to your community and the Church. We are young
men who pray together, serve together and grow in faith together. If you are a
guy wishing to experience the joy that comes from forming bonds of friendship,
being involved in various community service projects, and doing faith activities like
praying the Rosary or praying in front of abortion clinics, we welcome you to join
our roundtable.
The UCC Knights of Columbus round-table attends the meetings and activities of Council 6269 in Arlington, TX. If your home council of a council you know of is holding any events that you think we would be interested in, please let one of our members know.
To join the Knights of Columbus:
Ask one of our members for a Form-100. We will let you know of initiations in the area.