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Maverick Awakening 7 will be on Oct 26-28 2018 - this Fall semester! 
Use the registration link below to sign up and look below for details about the Awakening Retreat program
 If you are interested in further retreating information, please email or contact the UCC: 817-460-1155. 

But Wait..

What is an "Awakening?"
It is a weekend retreat put on by college students for college students that takes place at campuses all across the country. An Awakening retreat is designed to help young adult students deepen their faith and relationship with God through prayer, reflection, and fun activities with their peers. We strive to spark an “awakening” to Christ’s presence and infinite Love in our retreaters lives, Church, and throughout the world. Awakenings also serve to encourage students in finding a home within the Catholic community in their area, and taking a more active role within that community. 

How did this start at UTA? This is our fourth year hosting an Awakening retreat at UTA, but you must be curious about how it all started in the first place back in Fall 2012. Fortunately, we had students from the Catholic Community at UTA in 2011-2012  who were deeply inspired by the Midwestern and SFA/UT Tyler Awakening in North and East Texas, and put in a lot of intense prayer and effort until they brought this amazing Awakening experience to our own UTA campus. They pulled a lot of ideas from their Awakening muses, but made sure to mix in a lot of unique traditions of their own to our Maverick Awakening, as well- you'll see! 

Who can go?  Maverick Awakening is open to all college students and young adults. Although it is a Catholic retreat, you do not have to be Catholic or a UTA or TCC student to attend this retreat. We also welcome students from any university or college and young adults who live in the DFW metroplex.

When is it?  Maverick Awakening traditionally takes place in the fall semester every year.

Where will it be? Just arrive at the UCC (1010 Benge Dr.) at the specified time and date, and we'll take care of you from there.​

Do I have to pay? The retreater fee is $40, which includes a tshirt, 6 meals, and boarding, and, oh yeah, and the experience of a lifetime!

What if I am a poor college student who lives off ramen noodles?  If the price alone is the only reason you can't make it, talk to Jeff Hedglen, the campus minister (email here). Partial scholarships might be available!

Okay! I'm sold. Now what? 

Where do I register!? 
  1. Register HERE
  2. In the yellow box, click the "Register Now" down-drop option and choose to register as a "Retreater." 
  3. Scroll down and look for the "Non-Member" sign in, unless you want to pay the registration fee at the time streamline through future registrations with the website.
  4. Fill in the information applicable to you, and then pay according to your preference (Refer to the "How can I pay?" section below)
  5. Finally, just await our confirmation email!
  6. Just remember that:
  • Even if you are told that registration is full, please register anyways! You will go on a waiting list, but we always have a few people drop, so the chances of you coming are rather good, and we definitely want you there!
  • If you close out and come back later, you cannot pay with a credit card unless you have created a account. Otherwise, your first registration is the only chance you will have to pay by credit card

How can I pay?
  1. Online: Choose PayPal or credit card option. 
  2. ​In Person: If you would like to pay in cash or check, please choose the "Pay Later" option and contact the retreat coordinators at for further instructions. You can also come by the UCC at 1010 Benge Dr. Arlington, TX and look for our campus minister Jeff Hedglen, student worker Jayme Shedenhelm, or Coordinators Jacob Daniell and Maria Soto to deliver your form of payment.   
  • ​If you close out and come back later, you cannot pay with a credit card unless you have created a account. Otherwise, your first registration is the only chance you will have to pay by credit card.​
  • DISCLAIMER: Your spot is not secure until your payment is received.

But, just in case.. 

​I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS! We would love to answer those questions for you! Please email the retreat coordinator at (or you can just fill in the form below- it links to our email).

I have been Awakened! Can I help? Yes, please! We would LOVE your help! Please email in the form to the right for more information about how to sign up- we'll get back to you! 
You'll be able to sign up to staff for Maverick Awakening once you request the staffer registration password.