University of Texas at Arlington
RCIA Syllabus
Below is the Course Syllabus with links to articles that are used for each lesson.
​All the articles below are from The Association of Catecumenal Ministry  (ACM)
1. The Creed
2. The Holy Trinity – Part 1
God the Father + Holy Spirit
3. The Holy Trinity – Part 3 Jesus
True God True Man + Jesus Way Truth Life
4. Divine Revelation
Divine Revelation + Sacred Scripture + Sacred Tradition + Structure of the Bible +​ Deuterocanonical books​
5. Sin 
What is Sin + Original Sin
6. Bible and Church History
History of the Church
7. Church Tour And The Other Books of the Church and the Liturgical Year
Liturgical Vocabulary List + Liturgical Year
8. Mass –
Parts of the Mass + In Persona Christi + Order of Mass
9. The Sacraments Part 1 Intro
Sacraments, Baptism + Confirmation + Gifts of the Holy Spirit​
10. The Sacraments Part 2 Eucharist
Eucharist Real Presence
11. The Sacraments  Part 3 Sacraments of Healing
Reconciliation + Anointing
12. The Sacraments Part 4 Sacraments of Service
Matrimony + What is Sacramental Marriage, + Holy Orders
13. The Theological and Cardinal Virtues
 Virtuous living​
14. Mary –and Saints
Five Doctrines on Mary + Praying to Mary + Communion of the Saints
15. Salvation and the Afterlife
Paschal Mystery + Purgatory + Four Last Things
16. The Ten Commandments
God’s Law + Examination of Conscience​
17. The Role of Good Works in our Faith
Good Works
18. Prayer
Intro to Prayer + Christian Meditation + Heights of Prayer +  Chaplet of Divine Mercy + The Holy RosaryHow to Pray the Rosary + Well Known Catholic Prayers
19. Supernatural Things
Venerating Holy Images + Angels
20. Rituals/Tradition
Stations of the Cross + Sacramentals