Below is the Course Syllabus with links to articles that are used for each lesson.
Most of the articles below are from The Association of Catechumenal Ministry  (ACM)
1. Intro Class
We will fill out paper work, have a basic introduction to the Good News of Jesus Christ, and cover the basics of the Nicene Creed
2. The Holy Trinity – Part 1
God the Father + Holy Spirit
3. The Holy Trinity – Part 2 Jesus
True God True Man
4. Divine Revelation - Read the first two and  if  time the 3rd
Sacred Scripture + Sacred Tradition + Deuterocanonical books
5. Sin
What is Sin + Original Sin
6. Bible and Church History
History of the Church
7. Church Tour And The Other Books of the Church and the Liturgical Year
Liturgical Vocabulary List + Liturgical Year
8. Mass – Read "In Persona Christi", we will go over the "Order of Mass" in class.
Order of Mass + In Persona Christi
9. The Sacraments Part 1 Intro
Sacraments, Baptism + Confirmation + Gifts of the Holy Spirit
10. The Sacraments Part 2 Eucharist
Eucharist + Real Presence
11. The Sacraments  Part 3 Sacraments of Healing
Reconciliation + Anointing
12. The Sacraments Part 4 Sacraments of Service
Matrimony + What is Sacramental Marriage, + Holy Orders
13. Prayer - Read just the first one, the rest we will cover in class
The Lord's Prayer Explained + Praying with the Bible + Chaplet of Divine Mercy + How to Pray the Rosary + Basic Catholic Prayers
14. The Theological and Cardinal Virtues
Virtuous living
15. Mary –and Saints
Five Doctrines on Mary + Praying to Mary + Communion of the Saints
16. Salvation and the Afterlife
Paschal Mystery + Purgatory + Four Last Things
17. The Ten Commandments
God’s Law + Examination of Conscience

Bonus Classes of there is time
Stations of the Cross + Sacramentals
Supernatural Things
Venerating Holy Images + Angels/glossary-of-terms/glossary-of-terms